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Ilias Paganos was given birth and resides in Karditsa. It studied Decorative in private technological professional faculty (Athens 1966 - 1969). Professionally it deals with the television, it works in the T.R.T. (Thessalian Radio Television) from 1992, as well as with the trade. It deals with the photograph and the cinema above three decades removing thousands photographs, as well as with the stocking of old photographic material from the prefecture of Karditsa and Thessaly, while at the same time it takes part in competitions and exposes his photographs in various individual and common reports in Greece and in the abroad.
- 1. Participated in the 1° competition of photograph of LEFKK in 1979 on the subject the child.
- 2. In the first Pan-Hellenic competition of coloured transparencies that organised ¨Photography ´d Cinema Club of Thessaloniki¨ in 1983.
- 3. In the first panthessaliki report of photograph that organised the Club of Photograph and Cinema Karditsa in 1988.
- 4. In collaboration with the ministry of culture, the Museum of Greek Popular art Athens and other institutions it makes individual report of photograph on the subject the life of Karagkounidon, in the museum of Greek popular art in the Plate of Athens (23/11/1990-14/2/1991), that is then transported in Patras, in Volos, in Karditsa. (The report him it has bought the ministry of culture on behalf of the Museum of Greek Popular Art Athens).
- 5. It participated in the 1° competition and report of photograph that was organised by the Municipal Enterprise of Tourism and Recreation Karditsa in 1992.
- 6. In the 2° panthessaliko competition of photography that organised the Club of Photograph and Cinema Karditsa in 1998 (A' reward of coloured photograph).
- 7. In the report of common photography that organised the Greek community Berlin in 1998 in Berlin.
- 8. In 1999 participated in common report of photograph on the subject the Gipsies and in the Pan-Hellenic competition of photograph in Florina in the Pan-Hellenic competition ¨Lykaia 2001¨ taking him B' reward.
- 9. A lot of photographs (60 in the number) have become card postal from the F.E.K., while a lot of other have been published in various forms, newspapers, magazines, books, encyclopaedias.
- 10. It participated in the creation of films of small length 16mm:
"The girl with the hat", Kostas Oikonomou, 1986.
"And born light", Vasilis Nakos, 1988.
"The dream of photographer", Vasilis Nakos, 1989 (attendance in the festivals Drama and Belgium, A' government owned reward film of small length from the Ministry of Culture.
"The fluing of stork", Vasilis Nakos, 1991 (attendance in the festivals Drama, Barcelona, Portugal, reward of better film, script, better foreigner film, reward of Confederation of Cinematographic Clubs of Northern France in the festival Waterloo of France).
- 11. His they are the films of small length:
"That you became bride grand mother", 1984 (praise from the Municipality Athenian), reward of better subject in the 3° festival of films of small length in Karditsa).
"Booth of griefs", 1985 (honorary discrimination in the 4° festival of films of small length in Karditsa).
"SOS", 1986 (reward of men's of role in the 5° festival of films of small length in Karditsa).
- 12. It has created also five documentaries, in video with subjects from the region of Prefecture Karditsa which were appearred in various channels of television and made around the world via CIOFF (UNESCO) where are her member.
- 13. It has photographs a lot of policies, artistic and other personalities of Greece and abroad.
- 14. It has accompanied a lot of missions in various countries of world which you cover broadcasting, photographic and television.
- 15. In 1985 it writes and it publishes the first tourist driver of Karditsa, while in 1999 it writes the book, that published the LEFKK, with the photographic history of Karditsa and the title "photography and photographers of Karditsa 1884-1994".
- 16. In 2002 writes and publishes the book "Pafsilipo one century of life".
- 17. It took part as rapporteur in various seminars and congresses on the subject the photograph, as well as in various critical committees of theatre, cinema and photograph.
- 18. He is member and chairman of LEFKK (Club of Photograph and Cinema Karditsa) and Fotokinimatografiko Museum of Karditsa.
- 19. Member of Union of Journalists and Writers of Tourism Greece, Filotelki's of Union, Union of Collectors Greece, CIOFF (UNESCO).

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