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During the last years LEFKK has been organizing photography classes for everyone who is interested into coming in touch with the magnificent world of photography and the opportunity to create through it.
These courses are been held in the LEFKK's lounge, which is the main LEFKK's space, they are based on an annualy announced program, and they include both theoretical information and practice for the students.
The theoretical classes include the analysis of elementary chapters such as aesthetics, lenses, films, papers, landscapes, portraits, etc, which are concurrently been elaborated with the aid of slides and documentaries. On the other hand, the practical part of the classes includes practice on the dark room and campaigns both in the city and the countryside. (Of course, once in a while and after an exhausting course, the campaigns take place in small taverns for the better acquaintance and relationship between teachers and students!!!).
At the end of each practice period a photography exhibition is organized where every student displays his/her photographic creations, based on the experience they obtained.

trainees' friends from Livadeia 01/2006
trainees' ¨fotografizontas san cinema¨ 23/3 - 3/4/2005
trainees' photography exhibition period 2004-2005
trainees' photography exhibition ¨Gipsies in their space¨
trainees' photography exhibition period 2003-2004
(high school)
trainees' photography exhibition period 2003-2004
trainees' photography exhibition period 2002-2003
trainees' photography exhibition period 2001-2002
trainees' photography exhibition period 2000-2001
trainees' photography exhibition period 2000
trainees' photography exhibition period 1998


The training programs for each period were the following:
LEFKK training program 2004-2005
LEFKK training program 2003-2004
(high school)
LEFKK training program 2003-2004
LEFKK training program 2002-2003
LEFKK training program 2001-2002
LEFKK training program 2000-2001
LEFKK training program 2000

LEFKK training program 1998


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