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The Club of Photograph of k ' Cinema Karditsa was found in March 1978 and since then it has effectively contributed to the arts' events of the city by participating in a number of activities, working closely with artists, services, unios, foundations, magazines, book publishers, newspapers, television networks, etc.


The LEFKK has organised many pgotography exhibitions, not only in Karditsa, but also in other cities in Greece and abroad.
It has been organising many pgotography competitions including the "panthessalic competition", working alone or with cooperation with other foundations.
In an annual basis and after the end of the photography courses it organises a photography exhibition, presenting the artwork of the attendees.


Projections of transparencies and short-length films take place at least once a week by the members or friends of LEFKK in a free basis in its hall. Such events are also organised with other foundations in the context of cultural events such as Athens 1982 and 1992, Tripolis 1987, Drama 1994, Salonika 1990, Kalambaka 1992, Kastro (Fanari Karditsas) 1996, Germany, Bulgaria and Brazil.


Every year since its founding, the LEFKK organises photography courses for anyone who would be interested.
In 1988, in the context of the programme "the city to children" and in close cooperation with the municipality of Karditsa, members of the LEFKK undertook to inspire children to join the technique of photography.
In 1992 photography seminars took place, as a funded programme for constitution, supported by the European Social Fund and included participations of spokesmen such as those of Aris Georgiou, Platonas Rivellis and Alkis Ksanthakis.
Respective seminars have taken place since 1995 till today with the cooperation of the Prefectural Commision for the Public Further Education.
Every year since 1997 photography seminars take place in the halls of LEFKK organised by LEFKK itself. Constitutive element of education that is provided is, apart from the theoretical courses in the space of LEFKK, the recreational excursions in the region aiming at the photographing. The practicing includes the operation of dark booth, that can be used by anyone interested, upon notice.


The institution began in 1982 and was continued with big success and appreciable attendances by all Greece for nine years (the last one had a non - competition character).
It was the only amateur cinema festival of the type in a Pan-Hellenic scale. The unexistent economic support by the local institutions and the ministry of Culture unfortunately resulted in its early ending.
Particularly appreciable was the attendance of members so much in organisational what in artistic level, as shown by the rewards and the honorary discriminations attributed.


Apart from the festival super 8mm that had an early ending, members of LEFKK continued making their own productions or participating in films of others.
In particular, three 16mm films were shot by members of our club, as well as a documentary in video having as its subject the prefecture of Karditsa.
This films were presented in international festivals and rewarded.


The LEFKK in an attempt to inform its members for its activity and to prompt also others to deal with the photography, announces always via the press, the radio and the television its events. By the end of ' 98 it proceede to the creating of its page on the Internet, which includes information on its subjects and the works of members.
There have been publications with photographs of its members, card postals from the LEFKK and a number of other institutions eg. Filately Union of Karditsa, Development Instutute of Karditsa, (ANKA).
There's also been a publishing of a calendar with work famous Greek and foreigner photographers (1996), as well as a book on the history of photography in Karditsa and a registry of photographers from Karditsa, framed with their work from 1984 until today (Ilias Paganos).


It is also worth mentioning, that members of LEFKK participate in the publishing of tourist guides (Helias Paganos, 1985), in the editing of photographic albums of tourist character (Vasilis Stathis, Mouzaki, 1999) and in the scientific collection of elements with regard to the flora, the fauna (Theophilos Brouziotis, Centre of Environmental Education Neohoriou) 30 mins documentary about the Karditsa prefecture.
The great effort towards the projection of prefecture started in the very first steps of our Club, when pictures of the Plastiras lake become coverpages of telephone index (1979).


Photographs of members of the LEFKK were often useful as a material of publications in local newspapers, books and magazines. In the effort the particular photo-cinematographic material to be preserved and placed in the disposal of public, the LEFKK by modifying its statute in 1996 included in her activities the founding and operation of photo-cinematographic museum. Enough material from old photographs of photo-cinematographic objects, card postal etc has already been collected and is in the disposal of public.


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