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My endeavor for promoting photographs with fighter planes is basically an effort to put H.A.F's arsenal in to a different perspective, and to promote the colors of our country.

Fortunately for us the H.A.F, which is considered to be among the best Air Forces in the world, apart from its history, today has to show a considerable force of airplanes both in types and numbers. Along with its arsenal H.A.F's stuff are considered to be most efficient, with deep knowledge and skills, full combat ready, and in a very high level of alertness, qualities which have earn them international recognition.

My involvement with fighter planes and more specifically with Greek fighter planes goes back many years. At the time I was involved with plastic modeling, an activity that was giving me the joy of creation and filled in the best possible way my free time. At that time in order to improve my skills I had to use photographs of airplanes a procedure that helped me construct as real as possible model airplanes.

Although in the beginning fighter plane photos were a great tool for plastic modeling I discovered that photos itself gave me a great deal of joy and satisfaction. That is how I ended up being a compulsive collector of fighter airplanes photos.

Although this kind of photograph is not considered to be very popular, to me the fact that it is different and rare, embodies a great deal of admiration, both for airplanes as something that man created, and the magic of photograph itself.

I really love them both!!


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