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My name is Apostolos Dimitris. I was born in Kilkis, in 1963, but I was brought up in Thessaloniki until 1990, where I studied at Dental School.
I've been working as a dentist since 1990 and I'm glad because through this job I can enjoy the variety of the human soul.
My greatest love is music. Just listen to it. But it is photography to which I owe the variety in my life, since it makes me try to see thing from many and different views and it helps me in my final decisions. I take pictures only in black and white, not out of stubborness, but because I've got a slight colour-blindness problem.
I consider my engagement with photography to be the best thing that can happen to somebody. You can take pictures everywhere either in the city or in nature, either alone or with company. And as you go on it opens your eyes to see everything in different ways and at the same time it opens your mind to see and confront the situations in life with variety.
I like taking photos of everything. It's my blessing and my curse at the some time. It's a curse because I could never make, at some point a homogenous work, such as an exhibition, let's say. But it's also a blessing because I have a good time. When I start I have no stress as far as where I'll shoot. I may go to photography my friend who are getting married at church and end up stuck with the kittens playing outside in the churchyard.
And I'm looking for sights, not for moments. The "crucial moment" that big Bresson said, narrows my horizon, because it presupposes motion. I don't have a problem photographing motionless objects, as long as I manage to do it in a way that's different from the usual way. So I look for clever looks -I guess this is the term I like- in the sense of the different. And if the rare "important moment" comes, then it's even better...

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