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The Photography Club of Larissa it is the only association in the county, private or public that is involved systematically from 1996 with the study, the development and the popularity of photography as a modern medium of art and expression.

The place that the club is situated and operates, it has been given from the municipality of Larissa. The aim of the club is to pass the art of photography to its members according to the culture and the knowledge level of each member. The club is also concerned about the improvement of the educational material and artistic level of its members.

Each year the club organizes a circle of lessons that elaborate technical issues and the art of photography in the club's lecture theater as well as in primary and secondary schools. At the same place it has been created a library with photo-books and a properly equipped dark room (working space for three persons). Also the photographic club of Larissa organizes exhibitions and seminars that specialize in specific photographic topics.

All the above activities become true due to the love and the enthusiasm of its members that devote personal time, money and knowledge.

Address: Spiritual Center SOTIRIOU ZIAZIA, End of Rodopi Street, Larissa, afm 099423777, e-mail:, url:

For additional information please contact with: Natsioulis Fotis +306977802175, Zafiriou Vasilis +302410615608, Katsakos Andreas +306944241177.


Photography īd Cinema Club of Karditsa (LEFKK)
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