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Nikos Maidonis's astistic Curriculum Vitae

• Nikos Maidonis was born in Karditsa in 1955.
• In a very young age he was taken by on-paper printed images, in a time when images cound not be printed in colour. He was impressed by the man who was dressed in a white blouse and hidden under the black sheet right behind a "machine" that stood on three wodden underpinnings and after awhile was coming out with the representation of an image of a well-dressed peasant who a little before was smiling at him.
• As years passed by he leaves for studying in Athens University Shool of Dentistry.
• But photography was again before him. In the meantime it developed itself and in the university, for educational purposes the picture, being coloured this time, was projected on the walls for people to be able to see it.
• Then he undertakes the responsibility of being in charge of the photography section, based in the halls of residence of the institute. At once the technical skills were developed as there was the chance to use a well-equiped dark-booth with the emerging electronic single lensed reflex in the 135 form such as the Canon A1. Long hours were spent in that dark-booth, where advanced techniques published in the English "Amateur Photographer" were applied. At the same time he attended the courses of the Hellenic Photography Company, paying regular visits to the exhibitions that had presented photographic and/or artistic interest. At the same time it watched the courses of Greek Photographic Company with continously visit of reports that had photographic and more generally figurative interest. Though the increasing demands of Dentristry School and the lot of the intellectual activities take him for post-graduate purposes to the former West Germany.
• At the same time he had the idea of founding a club in his homeland, but after making a few contacts he finds out that some friends had already started the procedures towards the founding and joins them as a co-establishing member for the establishing of the club. This way the LEFKK was born that keeps its form till today with many and rich activities in our small town.
• During all of these years he likes taking pictures, of family and general interest, yet at a point he abandons the dark-booth amazed by the immense abilities offered by the digital technology that grew alongside the expanding of Personal Computers.
• Nowadays he is only into digital photography and with the inmense abilities it provides with everything new emerging in the topic, he presents it to the seminars of the LEFKK.
• The capping of this long photography activity was the full undertaking of the construction of the Web-Site about LEFKK. This attempt has been a profitless and full of love ofeer to the members and the friends of LEFKK and to all of the people who love photography. It has been both time spending and stressing, the meterial to be collected from the LEFKK files very big, as it was the willing to work and the enthousiasm.
• This astistic Curriculum Vitae has been edited for the needs of the Web-Site.

Maidonis Nikos
tel.: 2441076276
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431 00 Karditsa


Photography īd Cinema Club of Karditsa (LEFKK)
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