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homas Kostamis C.V.

  • Thomas Kostamis was born in Karditsa in 1959.
  • He lives in Karditsa and he works at the EPC (Electricity Public Corporation).
  • His bent for photography began in the early 80's when he got his first ZENIT-E.
  • In 1992 he attended the seminar on photography ant cinema at the Photography and Cinema Club of Karditsa (LEFKK).
  • Then he joined the club and since 1996 he has been a member of the board.
  • He uses NIKON F-4 and F-80 B/W negative (TRI-X) and colour slides (VELVIA 50. PROVIA 400 F)
  • His favourite themes are: nightly photographing, animals-birds, water and nature in general, in colour. Scenes of everyday life, portraits etc in B/W.
  • He took part in various competitions and photography exhibitions such as:
    - In two Panhellenic competitions organised by the Cultural Club of Florina (4 participations).
    - In two Panhellenic competitions organised by ¨DIAULOS¨, the photography club of the Youth Centre of Municipality of Volos (1 participation).
    - In the first Panhellenic competition organised by Karditsa´s prefecture.
    - In four panthessalic competitions organised by LEFKK.
    - In a photography exhibition at Fanari - Karditsa, in 1998.
    - In a group photography exhibition of LEFKK organised by the Greek Community of Berlin, in 1998.
    - In a photography exhibition of LEFKK in Karditsa and in Lamia under the topic: ¨ROM, people under the sun¨.
    - In a photography exhibition under the topic: ¨Our century´s panorama of Karditsa¨, organised by Municipality of Karditsa in 1999.
    - In a photography exhibition of LEFKK in cooperation with Municipality of Karditsa in social events dedicated to bicycle, in 2000.
    - In a photography exhibition during the events ¨Cultural August 2000¨, at Plastiras Municipility.
    - In a photography exhibition during the events ¨Cultural Summer¨ and ¨Days of Culture and Tradition¨ at Tamasiou Municipality in 2002.
    - In a photography exhibition in the context of the social events ¨Titania 2002¨ at Palamas Municipality.
    - In a photography exhibition during some social events at Arnis Municipality in 2003.
  • He also took part in a photography exhibition at the café ¨Margarita¨ in Karditsa in 2002 and in 2003.
  • In an individual photography exhibition at the club ¨Dream Street¨ in Karditsa in 2004.
    - Some of his photographs hare become post cards while others have been published in books, guide-books and calendars.



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